WARNING! Bestest8 Voltage tester is dangerous!

Bestest8 Spannungsprüfer ist Lebensgefahrlich!

I bought Electronic Voltage tester LEXA / LEXXA Bestest 8 and was really allerted when I opened it.
There was no strain reliever at all! The case was actually glued only with ONE drop of glue.
That is the reason I opened it. The case was very sleazy when I gently twisted it in my hands.

The wire between these two probes has voltage marked (300/500 V) much less than specificated 690 V .

Here you can see a drill measued 7,0 mm entering the probe. The wire is only approximately 5 mm of diameter.

The case was glued only with ONE good enough gluepoint. Here you can see all the glued points marked w blue.

The only markings in this equipment are shown in the picture above. Not much.

There was tiny user's manual which warned nine times not to measure voltage over 30 seconds. But there was
no EC type-approval certificate at all. I have asked twice SRS FENNO-EL OY but no answer.

On specifications they mention that this equipment is IP54, you can put 2,5 mm probe thru the hole. On the other
probe a 1,5 mm wire goes thru. The maximum allowed wire is 1,0 mm! Moreover the probe spike is very loose
and is easy to throw out
as soon as the very tiny glueing has been loosed.

You cannot change the lithium battery inside so this equiment is single-use rubbish.

The importer is SRS FENNO-EL OY whose LEXXA LED bulbs were last year removed as very dangerous.
Also three other SRS FELLO-EL electronic equipments were banned by finnish authorities.